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Lithium battery pack 7.4 V GALILEO professional diagnosis Giovanni Accinni SRL

Short description

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For professional diagnosis Giovanni ACCINNI SRL

Official Spare Parts Giovanni Accinni SRL

LIPO battery 7.4 V 2450mAh PCM X KBA lithium battery Galileo

GALILEO diagnosis lithium battery pack

Batteria LIPO 7,4 V 2450mAh PCM x KBA Batteria Al litio Galileo

Model : LIP5528135-2S

Description : Lithium-Ion Polymer rechargeable battery (RoHS compliant)

Dimension : Max. 5.7x28x135mm (bare cell)

Nominal Capacity : 2200 mAh (min. 2134) at 440mA rate discharge to 5.5V at 25°C

Nominal Voltage : 7.40 Volt

Cut-Off Voltage : 5.50 Volt

Approximate Weight : 90g

Internal Impedance : <35mΩ (per bare cell with 1KHz AC testing at full charge)

Cycle Life : Over 200 (Typ. 300) standard charge/discharge cycles

Charging : Using dedicated CC/CV (8.40+/-0.03V) battery charger only

Charging with CC (Constant Current) to 8.40V, then

charge with CV (Constant Voltage) till charge current <110mA

Standard - 1100 mA x 3 hours (Ref.)

Quick - Max. 2200 mA x 2 hours (Ref.)

Compatible with GALILEO professional Diagnostics

n. b. the images are purely indicative and may not comply with the exact model of the product in evolution, before purchasing the products please make sure that compatibility with the receiving equipment as it may invalidate the warranty, if it is within the stipulated terms.


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