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Marconi Proxi

Vehicle setup

Ideal solution for private or  low budget customers.

It is used without additional PCs and / or appliances.

The small size enhances the convenience of transport

Customizable features at customer's request.

The low cost solution for the repairer. Marconi proxi Giovanni Accinni srl configures the most advanced procedures Fiat Alfa Lancia Ford KA


The enthusiasm to get involved always
proposing tools capable of producing turnover.
The desire to confront
us once again a revolutionary product absent in the auto repair industry.
Your independence
simple tools in use and with real demands from the automotive market.

Handheld tool of simple use, intuitive, even for the less experienced user.
To make, the variation of the car setup (configuration Proxi), has never been so simple. Once again there is the enthusiasm to get involved.
Marconi Proxi allows you to perform quickly and safely the variations of any optional on board, on the cars of the brands mentioned below.
The purpose is to perform some changes of equipment without causing any alteration that could create anomalies in the car, in order to use the original options (parking sensors, outdoor temperature sensor, navigation, etc.) making them recognize and accept the vehicle.
Obviously in addition to adding accessories there is also the possibility of removing them, a case could be the removal of TPMS tire pressure sensors or the variation of the front headlamps from Xenon lights with traditional halogen lights, etc..
Very important not to underestimate the potential that make this product unique: the manufacturers allow today, only the alignment of the new configuration is not allowed, therefore, the modification or the addition of other devices.
All this makes MARCONI unique, irreplaceable and necessary for your independence.

For more information please contact us at the following addresses: commerciale@accinni.com 011-3140709

  • FIAT –
  • Bravo >2007
    500 >2007
    500 L >2012
    Croma >2005
    Doblò >2000
    Doblò MY >2003
    Doblò >2009
    Ducato >2006
    Ducato rst >2001
    Fiorino >2008
    Idea >2004
    Palio Restyle
    Palio Restyle 2
    Panda >2003
    Panda >2006
    Panda (New) >2012
    Punto >1999
    Punto >2003
    Punto MY >2003
    Punto >2005
    Punto EVO >2009
    Stilo >2001
    Stilo NF >2001
  • – ALFA –
  • 147 >2000
    159 >2005
    Brera >2005
    Giulietta >2010
    Giulietta MY >2014
    GT > 2004
    Mi To >2008
    Mi To>2013
  • – PEUGEOT –
  • Bipper >2007
    Boxer >2006
  • – LANCIA –
  • Delta >2008
    Delta >Rst >2014
    Musa >2004
    Musa >2007
    Thesis >2002
    Ypsilon >2003
    Ypsilon >2006
    Ypsilon (nuova) >2001
  • – FORD –
  • KA >2008
  • – IVECO –
  • Daily >2006
  • – CITROEN –
  • Jumper >2006
    Nemo >2008