Easy-to-consult Database containing technical information on passenger cars.

professional diagnosis for multi-brand cars.


Suitcase in shockproof and waterproof material
Diagnostic cable Kit
Power supply 100÷240 VAC 50÷60Hz
The professional solution for the repairman.
Through Leonardo the search and resolution of faults in the car will be easy and pleasant.

Leonardo Professional Car diagnosis, customizable car houses

 Use one tool to perform the diagnosis on the car has become the normal practice to be able to proceed to a quick localization of the anomaly, and, consequently, a fast repair; if we add to this the fact that the electronic components are an integral part of every vehicle, the use of a diagnostic tool becomes essential. 


If the official service network has available equipment supplied directly by the manufacturer, repair shops multi brand needs a tool able to perform diagnosis on a large number of car brands without sacrificing performance and potential that only the official tester has. LEONARDO was born precisely for this purpose, giving the opportunity to interact with the on-board electronics doing what the official diagnostic does: reading parameters, checking components, adaptations, coding, variation of equipment, etc. 


To whom it addresses ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Here is who it is addressed to our instrument: to all those workshops that require a very professional Diagnosis and want to run the control and diagnosis on a fleet of machines is very vast, by using a tool cutting-edge features and superior functionality compared to the multi-brand standard, but at the same time, easy to use and with a simple and intuitive user interface displayed on a display LCD, touch screen 15-inch.


General characteristics______________________________________________________________________________________________________


User interface simple to use, intuitive, complete and with descriptive buttons.
Diagnostic interface connectable on vehicle with Bluetooth technology (Class 1 with range up to 100 m.) and by cable.
Human interface with 15” TFT touch screen LCD display with innovative design.
Diagnosis of all systems present on board the car with coverage of the major automotive brands. 



Diagnosis of all on-board devices in automatic search with the press of a single button (fast Test function).
On each electronics you can use the following functions:
Read and clear fault codes (DTCs) Automatic display of: identifier, hardware number, Software number and control unit manufacturer Real-time parameter reading with numerical and graphic display (up to 8 simultaneously) Operation check actuators Adaptation and coding (key reset, control panel configuration, coding, recoding, programming, etc.) 


Technical Specifications______________________________________________________________________________________________________


From mains with switching power supply / battery charge 100÷240vac 50÷60Hz.
By car 12÷24 V.
Battery-lasting over 2 hours.


Human interface with 15 " TFT LCD display and touch screen

Diagnostic interface with informative LCD display: bluetooth status, connection status with control unit, battery voltage, interface version, etc.


 SIZE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




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