Secure payment

Payment is made exclusively through the main methods currently in use:

bank transfer, credit card and Paypal, the most famous and simple payment system on the internet that speeds up shipments with immediate transactions and is for the user without cashing costs.

 All online credit card payments are handled exclusively by PayPal.
You can use all traditional cards (Visa, Mastercard) including prepaid cards (Postepay type) of the Visa Electron circuit.
No credit card data transits on our sites / servers and sensitive credit card data is not stored in any way.
Through PayPal an authorization request is forwarded to the bank circuit where the credit card belongs.
Only after the positive response, the purchase order is confirmed.

Our secure payment

PayPal Service essentials
What is the PayPal Service?
Who provides the Service?
What do you need to use the Service?
Single or “one-off” payments
Opening a PayPal account
Funding an account
Sending payments
Receiving payments
Risk of chargeback or reversal of a payment
Seller Protection
Buyer Protection
Withdrawing funds (redeeming electronic money)
Closing an account or restricting its use
Prohibited or restricted activities
Communicating with you
Resolving problems with the Service and disputes with other users
Complaints about the Service 
Which law applies
Secure use of our Service
How do we know it is you?
How do you know it is us?
Keeping your account and money secure
What to do in case of a security problem
More security information

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