About us

Design and manufacture digital equipment for over 30 years,

on the market since 1989

The wide use of digital electronics in on-board instrumentation has made it necessary to study, design and build increasingly sophisticated equipment capable of easily interacting with these new systems. Our services aim to solve all those problems that you may encounter on digital and electronic equipment.

In recent years, global automakers have produced and put on the market cars that, in order to be at the forefront, increasingly use digital electronics.

These services have gradually increased in a way directly proportional to the massive use of electronics, to be able to solve brilliantly all those new problems that day by day presented to our customers.

This new trend has meant that the insiders are always more attentive to what the market offers, turning to qualified companies able to resolve all those issues that, until now, had not found, companies able to provide a service of technical assistance to 360 degrees, to design and deliver increasingly sophisticated equipment to expedite and facilitate the work in a vast field such as that of electronics applied to vehicles.


This positive attitude is not only for LEONARDO but for all products.

Giovanni Accinni Srl designs, and this ensures that the professional staff continues to work with dedication and commitment, so that all this can continue for the loyal customers, who gratify the commitment made for several years now.