About us

Since 1989 our Company had felt the importance that vehicle electronic would have had for future application, offering endless types of services and professionalism second to none.

These services and experience have proportionally grown with the massive application of electronic, enabling us to deal and solve all the new issues that our customers have been faced with.

Because of the large use of digital electronic on-board instruments, it has been necessary investing in studies, projects and development of sophisticated devices able to easily communicate with these new systems. Our services are targeted to solve all the problems that the new digital and electronic instruments could suffer from.

In the past years car manufacturers  have produced vehicles that in order to be ‘ahead of time’ apply ever more digital electronic.

This has brought most specialist to pay attention on what the market offers. Asking qualified companies to help them solve these problems that up to now had not come across; Companies that offer technical back up with more sophisticated devices that are able to deal and facilitate working with this new vast world of vehicle electronic systems.